How to Have Your Bridesmaids Enter

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

When it comes to walking down the aisle - your bridesmaids are the exciting introduction to the bride's (or groom's) grand arrival...

Bouquet, bridesmaids
Flowers are another exciting reveal for your guests!

This can be a particularly stressful event for your maids! There is so much speculation and anticipation by your guests… what colour are they wearing, are their dresses long or knee length, I wonder what the flowers are going to be, which song will be playing?

Not to mention the nerves that your maids will be feeling about their appearance! And the emotions of seeing you get married to your partner!

Here are the best ways to prepare for the bridesmaid’s entrance:

1. Let them know the song ahead of time.

2. Have a rehearsal on-site before your wedding day.

3. If not all your bridal party can attend the rehearsal, I prepare a map for you to share with them.

4. Practice walking to the beat, but not too slowly. It should be a saunter / wander / meander, not a toe-touch-to-heel kinda walk!

5. Use a landmark or count of beats between maids starting to meander.

6. Smell some relaxing essential oils to help calm the anxiety! #doTERRA have some beautiful pure essential oils to help with physical and mental symptoms: lavender, wild orange and bergamot to name a few. There are also some beautiful calming blends such as Balance, Lavender Peace and Peace.

A special blend of doTERRA essential oils to keep everyone's emotions balanced on your wedding day.

7. Most importantly… remember to breathe!

Try to take a moment of reflection during the day.

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